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Section 51 Manual - Promotion of Access to Information Act

In terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, each private body is required to publish a manual to assist persons seeking information on records held by that body, to access those records. The following manual is intended to comply with the provisions of the Act.


PAIA Manual - Baker Tilly Morrison Murray (PDF - 890kb)


BEE Certification


  2016-2017 (PDF - 814kb)




  News release (PDF - 210kb)

  Companies Act (PDF - 466kb)

  Consumer Protection Act (PDF - 623kb)

  Director's Guide (PDF - 539kb)

  Estate Planning Guide (PDF - 770kb)

  Ethics Guide (PDF - 419kb)

  Memorandum of Incorporation (PDF - 461kb)

  Property & Tax Guide (PDF - 1300kb)

  Tax Guide 2016 (PDF -1100kb)



Quarterly Newsletters


The following documents are our quarterly newsletters and contain updates on current accounting, tax, company secretarial and other business related news and issues.


  February 2015 (PDF - 340 kb)

  July 2014 (PDF - 1200kb)

  April 2014 (PDF - 1100kb)

  November 2013 (PDF - 261kb)

  July 2013 (PDF - 113kb)

  May 2013 (PDF - 118kb)

  March 2013 (PDF - 113kb)

  November Newsflash 2012 (PDF - 86kb)

  November 2012 (PDF - 113kb)

  February 2012 (PDF - 169kb)

  October 2011 (PDF - 1998kb)







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